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IndianPoultry Industry Yearbook

Your Trusted Database: For More Profits
Latest Trends, Growth Projections, Market Data.
Ideas, Analyses, Investment Prospects
Project Profiles, Who's Who
Buyer's Guide to over 7,000 Organizations.
Statistical Data: Over 150 Tables & Charts..

A volume of over 700 pages, it has been in publication since 1973. Planned as self-help manual, it provides a wide sweep of technical and economic information.

More Productivity & Profits: As a standard work of reference, the Yearbook presents new ideas, analyses and insights. The databook-cum-management guide of proven practices helps improve farm performance and optimize available resources. It also identifies new industry trends, market opportunities and investment prospects.

Other ways in which this compendium can be used include:

A ready reckoner & training manual for problem solving by Project Managers;

A handy Buyer's Guide to locate reliable suppliers of inputs, equipment and services through its Directory section of some 7,000 suppliers, organizations and specialists, grouped under 29 headings;

As a training manual with help of charts, graphs, tables and pointers in its Management Section; and,

As a production and marketing handbook for various data in it to be used for more effective planning of poultry projects and their implementation.

Project Profiles: Techno-economic feasibility and viability of commercial poultry farming, a broiler hatchery and integrated broiler projects.

Plus Special Features: Over 50 topical articles on diverse topics including marketing strategies, more eggs in hot climates, automation and profitability and update on technical developments.

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A brief glimpse of India's Poultry Industry: India has been in the news, attracting foreign investors with good returns, booming markets and expanding economy. Like other sectors, the trusty chick is chirping ahead. Demand for eggs and broilers is picking up. The Government of India recognizes the importance of poultry for enhancing nutrition and providing employment. In recent years, commercial farms have grown in size and sophistication. New projects for processing of eggs and broilers are in various stages of implementation. NRIs have also shown interest in investing in poultry projects. Poultry also holds promise of exports. "Go global; act local" is the message of the day. India hosted the XX World's Poultry Congress in 1996. The poultry industry is all set for a wave of growth. The present is great with the future!

Since 1970, India's annual egg production has gone up seven times to about 34,000 million, making her the world's fifth largest egg producer. The emergence of integrated broiler projects has stimulted growth in this sector. Rising from a negligible output of 4 million broilers in 1971, India has now touched the 675 million mark.

Contact Information:
(An Indian Poultry Industry Yearbook Enterprise)
A-25 Priydarshini Vihar, Delhi 110092, India
Phones: (+91-11) 2243326, 2045681
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Conference & Exhibition

September 24-26, 2001, Pune, India

A comprehensive scientific programme and scientist-farmer interface, covering all aspects of poultry, with special emphasis on SAARC countries, is planned.

The conference and exhibition would provide an ideal forum for the delegates to exchange useful information and concepts which would help in upgrading the technology related to poultry production in South Asia.

Organized by:
World's Poultry Science Association (India Branch)
Dr B.V. Rao Institute of Poultry Management & Technology

For more information, please contact:
Mrs Anuradha J. Desai
Chairperson, Organizing Committee
1st SAARC Poultry Conference
Venkateshwara House
Pune-Sinhagad Road
Pune 411030 (India)
Phones: +91-20-4338232, 4330631
Fax: +91-20-4337760, 4321711